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Colerain Presbyterian Church
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Sunday, November 15, 2015


We live in a world that is obsessed with the apocalypse. The general public's fear that we are facing the end of world is reflected in pop culture--our movies, our books, and our television shows. The sad truth is we have good reason to expect the apocalypse. This world is a dangerous, unstable place where terrorists, extremists, and megalomaniacal leaders are willing to use violent ends to extend their influence and power, even if it means using weapons of mass destruction. How should Christians face these seemingly apocalyptical times?

Check out today's worship videos from the Colerain Presbyterian Church:

Welcome and Praise Song -- Agnus Dei -- led by Josh and Sarah Taylor

Our Choir's Anthem -- The Beauty of the Lord

Children's Sermon -- The Christmas List by Pastor Joe Ellis

Old Testament Reading -- Daniel 12 by Debbie Carptenter

Sermon -- Apocalypse Now by Pastor Joe Ellis
New Testament Reading: Mark 13:1-8

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