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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fear Not!

With the tensions in the mid-east rising, with so many unstable countries now equipped with nuclear weapons, with hatred and animosity growing among so many cultures, how much longer can our world go on before a cataclysmic event brings incredible destruction upon us? With so many people obsessed with AMC's zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead, are we heading for a real apocalypse--the End of Days prophesied by Old and New Testament writers? If so, what does Jesus have to say about it? Check out our worship videos for Christ the King Sunday:

Praise Song: The King Is Coming

Our Choir's Anthem

Shirley Colvin's Old Testament Reading: Daniel 7

Pastor Joe's Sermon: Fear Not!
New Testament Reading: Revelation 1

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Reason To Be Thankful

Check out our Thanksgiving Sunday worship videos--A Reason To Be Thankful
Praise Song: Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You


Old Testament Reading: Psalm 104

Pastor Joe's sermon: A Reason To Be Thankful

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day Sunday

Today we honor all veterans. We gather to worship freely and without fear because they made the commitment and sacrifices to make our freedom possible.
Praise Song -- The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Dr. Chuck's Children's Sermon:
"A Veteran's Bag of Stuff"

Veteran's Tribute and Anthem
"Let There Be Peace on Earth."

Old Testament reading by Shirley Colvin

Pastor Joe's sermon: Ready to Serve

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Not Far From Heaven

Today we will be honoring the members of our church who went on to be with the Lord this year--Sam Hoskins, Charles Snider, Bill Petroff, and Hank Whitecotton. Pastor Joe will be sharing the message: How Far Are We From Heaven. Our choir's anthem is "Bringing in the Sheaves." Check out our worship videos below:
Praise Song: Soon and Very Soon

Anthem: Bringing in the Sheaves

Children's Sermon: What Won't Need in Heaven

Shirley Colvin's OT Reading and Pastor Joe's Sermon: How Far Is Heaven.