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Colerain Presbyterian Church
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Sunday, March 15, 2015


Why do most of us have such a fear of snakes? From the Garden of Eden, to the wilderness near Mount Hor where the Israelites were snake-bitten, to Jesus' statement to Nicodemus has he would be raised up like the bronze snake Moses lifted up on the pole, snakes appear again and again in scripture. Check out today's worship videos from the Colerain Presbyterian Church:

Lenten Reading and Our Choir's Anthem
Rebekah Shirley (reader)

Praise Song -- Angus Dei -- Led by Josh Taylor
Minute for Mission -- Betty Snider

Children's Sermon -- Snake Charmer

Old Testament Reading -- Numbers 21:4-9
Bill Nagel

Sermon -- Snakes Alive
Pastor Joe Ellis
John 3:14-27

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